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What is the Claw Paw?
You've probably heard of vampire gloves and massage mitts. Now imagine the two had a genius level love-child, and you get the Claw Paw. 
A black cotton glove forms the base of this fabulous one handed marvel. Over the palm and fingers, to the back near the knucles runs glorious real rabbit fur. At the tip of each finger is a curved metal claw. Upon request, these can be modified to carry the zing of a violet wand as well. Wow!


How do I take care of my Paws?

First, we strongly advise against submerging your paws in water.  Leather tends to stiffen after getting wet. Spot clean the fur as needed, or use a 'dry shampoo', available in most pharmacy stores.

If you feel you must give it a deeper cleaning, use an ultra delicate wool wash.


What kind of fur is it?


The fur is rabbit, all byprodcuts of the food industry in other nations. While the US isn't big on rabbit as a protein, much of europe sees rabbit as a highly desirable food source. So what happens to all those pelts? They get tanned, and we purchase them for making into something wonderful


Can't they be made with fake fur?

Sadly, humanity can't quite duplicate the properties of natural leather and fur.  The direction in which the hair grows, the pliability of the leather, it all adds up.  So for now, it's the real deal only for the Claw Paw.



What's the Wand Modification?

With this request, the construction process is changed to pass metal all the way through the glove fingertips, connecting with and wrapping around your fingertips for a solid connection.  Add a body probe for the static electric violet wand toy to your play, and you'll add a 'stimulating' factor to your sensory excitement!

What are the claws made of?

The metal is a nickel-mix, shaped similarly to the curve of a human fingernail.  If you have a strong nickel allergy, it is not a toy we recommend playing with. 

A non-metal option is available by special request. Please be aware however that these alternative materials can be broken more easily than metal and cannot be used for a conductive wand attachment. Of course, choose the material most suited to your needs. 

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